Types Of Online Advertising

The type of advertising done with the help of World Wide Web is known as online advertising. The main purpose of online advertising is similar to the ordinary marketing method that is to market messages, thereby attracting customers. There are different types of online advertising methods depending upon how the advertising is done.

Banner advertising is the first category of advertising done online. This is the kind of online advertising in which a banner is used to highlight a product or service offered by the particular company or shop. When the user clicks on the highlighted banner, he/she will be taken to the website of the particular company and there users could find more useful information about the product. Banner spaces are available as banner views, or at times, this will be sold through pay per user click of the banner. If you want to post a banner, you can follow different methods according to your convenience. Banner exchange is a method in which you will display ads for one website, while they will do the same for your website. You can depend on pay publisher websites to post a banner. The banner could be posted on various publisher sites through a pay banner network.

Pay per click advertising is another form of online advertising. The search engines will place your website ad in their first page and you will be paid for each user click to your website.

Search engine optimization is the most popular and easy method of online advertising. The online media companies will look at the target audience, competitors and keywords for your website. This will be used to optimize the content of your website and this will help your website to get top ranks in search results, thereby improving your business.

The sky scraper adverts could be used as another online advertising method. In this, the advert spaces will run on the left or right side of the page. As the user scroll down the page, he will be able to see this advertisement. Simple animation and click through methods will make this more attractive and effective.

Online directories are lists having details of websites. When the search related to your company name is arrived, this list will direct user to clicks on your website.

Pop-ups and pop-downs are small windows coming up as you reach a website. These are not the users most popular forms of online business opportunities. These will block users from reading the contents of the website and they will be forced to open the ad to proceed reading the website. This is less effective, as internet users find this quite annoying and close the pop-ups anyways.

Bridge ads are another very effective online advertising strategy. As the users navigate from one page to another, they will be forced to open these ads, without any choice really. The chances of click through to reach the advertiser's site is more with this category of advertising method.

The number of options available could make things quite confusing and at the same time, you have various ways to reach your potential customer. Selecting the most appropriate method or mix of methods is important to enjoy better results.